Telegram Open Network ICO

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Spend Limits:
0.2 BTC (Minimum) - 5.97 BTC (Maximum)
Current discount: 35% from ICO base price

An exchange rate: 0.1 BTC = 1801 GRAM

Telegram Open Network BTC preICO Address

Please send your BTC contributions to the following address.

After transaction - send e-mail:



Actual price (now): 0.1 BTC: 1801 GRAM

0.35+ BTC = +5% BONUS
0.7+ BTC = 10% BONUS
1+ BTC = 20% BONUS
3+ BTC = 35% BONUS
Bitcoin (BTC) address for your contributions:

Send e-mail after transaction:
For successful registration (KYC) your e-mail should contain:
Your full name, citizenship, transaction details, Bitcoin wallet address for a refund.

Token distribution/refunds will begin when the TON is launched: To be announced.